Booking notice 

Check the Fare and instructions. 

| Fare Information (All Room Ocean View)

*The rate may vary depending on the actual application date. 

| Guideline 

- Check-in : After 3:00pm  / Check-out: Before 11:00am 

In order to allow enough time for cleaning and for the next guest to check in on time, check-out time can be no later than 11:00am. However, should an extension be required due to special conditions, this will be charged at 20,000 KRW/hour. 

- Pets are not allowed in the pension. There will be no refund for any cancellations for breaching this rule. 

- If the number of guests exceeds the ‘basic number of people’ for the room there will be an additional fee of 10,000 KRW per person per night. 

1) This is applicable to children over 12 months. 

2) Please refer to the table below to confirm the ‘basic number of customers’ for each room 

- Additional bedding in excess of the total number of customers will be charged at 10,000 KRW/set. 

- Rooms A301, A302 and B401 are on a high floor with an outdoor balcony. In the interest of safety infants are not allowed to stay in these rooms. We are thank you for your understanding 

- In order to prevent fire and other accidents open flames and smoking are not allowed inside. Similarly, guests are not permitted to bring cooking equipment such as electric ovens. 

- In order to not bother the surrounding residents there is no outside grill. 

- There is no elevator in building. 

- Guests are responsible for any damages to or losses of room property. Appropriate compensation will be charged for any damaged or missing property 

- Minors are not allowed to check in without a guardian. There will be no refund for reservations cancellation for this reason. 

| Refund policy for reservation cancellations 

Date of cancellation 
Procedure fee 
6 days before or earlier 
5 days before 
4 days before 
3 days before 
2 days before 
1 days before 
Check-in day 

- Booking and immediately canceling on check-in day is regarded as beyond the ‘check-in day’ cancellation. No refund will be given in such instances. 

- Refundable amounts shall be the settlement amount minus the procedure fee. 

- Procedure fee is calculated according to standard room price. (Not the actual price to be paid) 

- If the number of the customers exceeds the ‘maximum number of customers’ for the room then the owner has the right to cancel without a refund.


주소 : 제주특별자치도 제주시 현사안길40 (이호1동 1710 - 1)

메일 :  |  예약문의 : 010-7280-4551

사업자등록번호 : 503-33-82950  |  대표자 : QIAN GE(치엔거) 

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